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The Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association was founded in 1955 in association with the Department of Parks and Recreation. Our mission is the same now as it was then: teach the children of Hamden the game of basketball and sportsmanship in an environment that promotes recreation and fun for the entire family. We serve Hamden boys and girls from ages 5 to 17.

 Our games are on Saturdays from December through early March. Each team also has a one hour weeknight practice. Coaches will provide a league schedule and notice of your teams practice night. We hold an Opening Night, All Star and Championship Nights. On these nights we showcase our children’s efforts and skills. We urge all families to attend, enjoy the games and support the kids. We also field travel teams in several age groups. Each league will play towards a championship game and/or hold a league tournament. Champions will be honored at our annual boys and girls’ banquets.

Parent and Family code of Conduct

Hamden Fathers Basketball Association Parent and Family Code of Conduct


It is understood that attendance is an essential part of team development, comradery and overall team success.  To accomplish this goal, it is important that all players and parents make their best efforts to be on time for all practices and games and notify their coach if they will be late or cannot attend.


Each parent and family member agrees that:

  1. I will not argue with the officials;
  2. I will not use profanity;
  3. I will be an example of good sportsmanship at all times;
  4. I will not fight, strike, attack or otherwise intend to harm another player, coach, spectator, volunteer, or referee.
  5. I will communicate with league directors, coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers in a courteous manner;
  6. I will not taunt, bully, verbally abuse or humiliate any player, coach, volunteer, spectator, or referee;
  7. I will conduct myself as a representative of Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association and will always be aware that I am a reflection of others opinions and views of our league. 
  8. I will conduct myself as a role model and will be aware that I am an example and role model for players in our league. 
  9. I will leave the facility in a timely fashion if asked to do so by game personnel and I will not return until further directed. 

Failure to comply with this Code may result in:

  1. Verbal warning;
  2. Written warning from league direction;
  3. Suspension from league games that can range from ½ of a league game, a single game, multiple games, a full season ban or permanent removal from Hamden Fathers’ Basketball Association.

 It is the responsibility of all league directors, coaches and Executive Board Members to monitor players for violations of this Code.  In the event that any of the above named individuals believe that a suspension may be warranted, it will be reported to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for further review within 24 hours of the alleged violation. 


It will be within the discretion of the Chairman of the Ethics Committee whether or not to accept written or live testimony regarding incidents leading to a possible suspension or expulsion.  A hearing is not required, but may be used to collect information, evaluate the actions of parties involved and discuss appropriate sanction. 


The decisions of the Executive Board and Chairman of the Ethics Committee are final, and are guided by the goals of player safety, teaching proper conduct, encouraging growth in young people and ensuring the positive experience of all members of the organization.

by posted 09/15/2015
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